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20th to 23rd of September 2022
9am to 6pm
Hall 17 stand A30

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Expect the from LiSEC, technical innovations & highlights and especially great conversations in a fabulous trade fair atmosphere.

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Featured Product
Compartmented glass remnant sheet buffer for an optimization run during the glass cutting process
For the successful management of a production you need reliable data and information. With the help of the Analytics service, this data from production is collected, processed and visually displayed. By linking it to the shift schedule and target values, production-specific key figures such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) are calculated and displayed.

The available data also enables analysis if performance falls short of expectations or continuous improvement is to be achieved.

With the Analytics service, production managers can compile dashboards themselves according to their own needs in order to obtain a transparent view of production. In addition, visualizations can be made available directly on the store floor so that employees always have everything in view.
Visualisation of output key figures per machine
Calculation of the OEE ratio for machines and lines
Analysis of the causes of problems (alarms, product mix, availability, ...)
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Featured Product
Float glass cutting table
LiSEC's new DSC-A is a horizontal cutting machine for automatic cutting of float glass. The machine combines enormous flexibility in processing with high precision, process reliability and maximum glass cutting and optional low-e edge deletion quality. The basic version consists of a horizontal cutting table equipped with transport belts to combine this machine with automatic feeding systems.

The DSC-A -T version has a tilting function, which allows manual loading or unloading of glass sheets. In addition, transport belts or crushing bars can be added for stand-alone operation.

Perfect cutting edge = Precise cutting & Saves grinding allowance

Perfect low-e deletion results of 1-3 coatings of silver as a basis for an energy-efficient insulating glass element
Better edge quality thanks to LiSEC Direct cutting technology
Better LOW-E decoating performance
Fastest cycle time with up to 160m/min cutting and low-e deletion
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Spontaneous demonstrations possible on request
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Featured Product
Edge seaming and grinding solution
The KSD-A is currently the fastest vertical folding and grinding machine with peripheral wheels. This machine combines enormous processing flexibility with stable and reliably high quality.

Continuous hemming thanks to LiTEC slider technology.

Grinding with glass removal for defined glass dimensions.
Continuous seam thanks to LiTEC-Slider-Technology
Perfect sealing - All electrical components in the dry area
Automatic rectangle measurement
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Featured Product
Gripper system for automatic application of spacer frames to glass panes
The RHF is a system for automatic frame setting of fixed spacers. The system consists of fixed and dynamically movable grippers in interaction with an articulated arm robot.

The butylated spacer frames are aligned on a pick-up station, the gripper system clamps the spacer frame and aligns it precisely while pivoting to the insulating glass line. Continuous frame setting with high accuracy is ensured.
Optimal alignment and safe transport of spacer frames of all common spacer materials with butyl applied on both sides
Automatic application of the spacer frame to the glass pane with high positioning accuracy
Consistently stable and precise process for all frame sizes
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Featured Product
topDRILL RX-25 G8
Vertical drilling and countersinking center with 8-fold turret drill head and waterjet head
Vertical drilling and counter sinking center with linear 8-tool changer and optional waterjet cutting head. Due to the intelligent modular system, the machine can be perfectly adapted to the customer's needs
Modular construction
Simple Machine Operation
Perfect Sealing
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demonstrations every hour
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